is lasik surgery something for you to consider?

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is lasik surgery something for you to consider?

Are you tired of fighting with your contact lenses each morning or struggling to find your glasses in the middle of the night so you can see what time it is? Have you ever considered getting lasik eye surgery to eliminate the need for your glasses and contact lenses? I put off getting the procedure completed for several years, but after having it done, my only regret is waiting so long to do it. If I was to add up how much it cost me to replace my glasses and contacts over the years, the cost of having the surgery performed was nothing. I have done my best to include any information that anyone considering getting lasik surgery needs to make an educated decision.


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Put Down The Pumps, Back Away, And No Feet Get Hurt! Easy Bunion Prevention

This year, about nineteen people in every thousand will be diagnosed with one or more bunions. Of those, many more women than men will be the sufferers. If you look at fashionable footwear, it is easy to see why women suffer from bunions more often than men. Women's shoes frequently have much more narrow toe boxes. Wearers of pumps suffer from bunions even more because they are constantly standing over the big toes or balls of their feet. There are other causes of bunions, but almost all of them are preventable.

Injuries to the Big Toe That Do Not Heal Correctly

Bunions can also occur when you break your big toe, and then you do not seek medical care for it. The big toe joint heals incorrectly, resulting in continued pain and walking in ways that are unnatural. Within a short time, the big toe joint develops a bunion, compounding the problem.

This is one of the easily prevented cases of bunions. All you had (or have) to do is seek medical attention when you drop something really heavy on your foot or a horse steps on it. Then the doctor can set your big toe joint so that it heals correctly. You will have to stay off the foot or wear an air cast until the toe heals.

Flat Feet

Flat feet are exceedingly common. They often occur as the result of carrying too much weight, but genetics can play a part, too. While you can prevent flat feet while you are still a child, the only thing you can do as an adult is wear orthopedic lifts or orthopedic shoes. By treating the flat feet and wearing corrective shoes rather than tight and ill-fitting shoes, you can avoid getting bunions.

Bunion Treatment

If you are starting to get a bunion, you will know it. A soft, raised, red bump appears on the inside side of your big toe, and it will be warm and slightly painful. At this point, you can still stop its progress by putting down the pumps and wearing comfortable shoes with a wide toe box. If you have recently injured that toe, go to the doctor right away as it can still be repaired before it becomes a real problem. If you already have a full-on bunion, only pads and surgery to shave the bunion can effectively treat this painful foot condition. Consider these options carefully.