is lasik surgery something for you to consider?

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is lasik surgery something for you to consider?

Are you tired of fighting with your contact lenses each morning or struggling to find your glasses in the middle of the night so you can see what time it is? Have you ever considered getting lasik eye surgery to eliminate the need for your glasses and contact lenses? I put off getting the procedure completed for several years, but after having it done, my only regret is waiting so long to do it. If I was to add up how much it cost me to replace my glasses and contacts over the years, the cost of having the surgery performed was nothing. I have done my best to include any information that anyone considering getting lasik surgery needs to make an educated decision.


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3 Things You Should Know When Planning To Accompany A Loved One On An Air Ambulance

When a family member is ill, traveling is not usually recommended. Unfortunately, however, it can become necessary when the patient requires medical care that is not available in their present location or when they become injured or ill while away from their home. In these cases, particularly when long distances are involved, transporting them by air ambulance is often easier, faster and safer than other forms of transportation. If you will be using an air ambulance to transport a sick or injured loved one and will be accompanying them on the flight, the following three tips will help ensure that you are properly prepared. 

Tip 1: You may be able to accompany the patient at no additional cost

Air ambulance services understand how important the support of caring family members and companions can be to the seriously ill or injured patients they transport. This is why most welcome them to accompany the patient, usually at no additional cost. Before assuming this, however, always check with the air ambulance service regarding space availability and any costs that may be required. 

Tip 2: You will need proper documentation 

Much like traditional passenger flights, air ambulance service providers must require valid identification documentation showing your full name and date of birth, as well as your passport or visa information if the flight is an international one, before allowing you to accompany the patient as a companion or family member. In addition, you may also be required to disclose your nationality and relationship to the patient.

To avoid confusion or the risk of being barred from the flight, make sure that you take time to gather all documentation well before departure time. If you have questions about this process, air ambulance staff members will be able to provide more detailed information.

Tip 3: You may need to find alternate transport for excessive baggage

Although most air ambulance flights allow both the patient and their traveling companions to bring along one or two pieces of carry on luggage, the actual space availability for all baggage is subject to change, depending upon the needs of the patient and any medical staff and equipment required for their care while in flight. 

If you are planning to accompany a loved one on an air ambulance flight, contact the air ambulance service provider's customer service department to find out more specific information for the the flight you will be on. If either you or the patient has baggage in excess of the amount you will be able to carry on board, they will be able to suggest suitable arrangements for shipping any items that you cannot take with you.